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Hamburger & Pancake CoCochi

There are lots of restaurants that server hamburgers in the Tokyu Denen-Toshi Line. Although many of the restaurants are located near the Shibuya-Setagaya area, there is one fine hamburger restaurant located in Fujigaoka, "CoCochi". Fujigaoka is about 50 minutes from Shibuya. The name "CoCochi" is a Japanese term for "Comfort", and the owner of the restaurant, Mari Goto, named her restaurant to be a plesant, comfortable place for eating hamburgers.

The Hawaiian-themed restaurant serves hamburgers and pancakes. The pancakes are very good, but I will foucus on hamburgers since this is a blog for hamburgers in Tokyo. While their hamburgers are very basic, there is a monthly menu that is very unique. Here are some of Goto's creations.


The Cheese Fondue burger, which is the monthly burger for May 2009. It is a cheeseburger which comes with the cheese fondue, made from Gruyère, Emmental and Gouda cheese. Since the cheddar cheese is already on the hamburger, it is a quad-cheese hamburger, which is very rare. This cheeseburger is a must for any cheese-loving hamburger enthusiasts. I hope it will be upgraded to the "regular" menu.


The prosciutto ham burger, the monthly burger for May 2008. It is topped with three kinds of ham, Serrano, Pancetta and Coppa. Since each type of prosciutto ham differs in taste, the taste of the hamburger is constantly changing. The added spicy flavor of the diced onions and relish rounds out the fine hamburger.


The Foie-Gras Burger, the monthly burger for December 2008. A hamburger that is topped with two thick slices of foie-gras, with a sauce made from  balsamico, red wine and strawberries. Since Goto also prides in making good pancakes, her experience with sauce made from berries are put into this beautiful creation.


This is one of CoCochi's pancakes.


Of course, CoCochi's regular menu is also great. This is the bacon cheeseburger. The bacon is smoked on the house, While it is not crispy like the American bacon, the smoky flavor and the rich juicy taste will stimulate your taste buds.

Hamburger & Pancake CoCochi
Official Homepage: Here
Business Hours: 11:30am - 7:00pm (Last order 6:30pm)
                      11:30am - 10:00pm (Fridays)
                      Closed on Wednesdays
Address:  Fujigaoka 2-3-1, Aoba-Ku, Yokohama Kanagawa-Ken
Map: Here


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