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Sunny Diner

Since there was an article about this blog stating "updates are sparse", I will try to update this blog more frequently. If you are able to read Japanese, please check out the Japanese version of my blog, which can be found here. This English version of my blog is a summary of good hamburger restaurants in Tokyo.

Sunny Diner is located in Kita-Senju, a northern part of Tokyo. A 10 minutes walk from the Kita-Senju Station, the restaurant is located near the Senju-Honmachi-Elementary School. It is also a very small resturant, with two table seats and one counter, it could only cram 10 people at once.

The hamburgers they offer is very basic, with melting American cheese on a beef patty cooked on iron plate. One thing to note about this place is that they offer tons of french fries along with each order. They are deep-fried with a bit of crusty texture on the outside. By contrast, it is about the same amount of a Super-sized fries at the largest hamburger chain store in the world.


The Bacon Cheeseburger. The buns they use are very soft, yet has a slight sweet taste. The hamburger itself is bit small compared to other restaurants, but there's the french-fries. The amount they server is sure to satisfy every hungry eater.


The 2x2 Burger. One more note, the sodas they serve are also super-sized too. If you think Japanese restaurants only serve small portions, check out this place, and your sterotypes are sure to change.


Just look at this melting cheese. This alone justifies the trip to Kita-Senju. (It is about 30 minutes from Tokyo Station)

Official Homepage: None
Business Hours: 11:30am - 11:00pm
                      Closed on Mondays, except on Japanese national holidays
Address: Senju 3-45, Adachi-Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN


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