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The Great Burger

If you are in Tokyo for sightseeing and window shopping, the Harajuku area might interest you. Located near Shinjyuku and Shibuya, Harajuku is a place for young Japanese people to hang out and go for shopping. There are shops that sell clothing and unique accessories. There are many small restaurants in the area, and it is not that surprising to find a really good hamburger shop in this area.

If you plan to be in the Harajuku area, you don't want to miss The Great Burger. (Yes, this is the name of the burger joint) It is a very popular place. During weekends, the place is packed, from lunchtime hours and carries onto the evening hours. Although this place is very popular, it is pretty difficult to locate the joint on the first visit, so it might be a good idea to Google the address, and print out an map before you visit. There are so many hamburgers on the menu, it might be difficult to pick just one hamburger, prompting you to visit this place more than once. The owner of "Burger Mania" trained in this restaruant before opening his own restaurant.

If you want to make your hamburger healthier, you can change the beef patty to a lamb patty. Also, the owner of The Great Burger, Mr. Kurumata is very proud of his hamburger buns. If you are lucky, you can order your hamburgers with the homemade buns at an extra charge. The difference between the "normal" buns and "homemade" buns are that the buns are more richer in taste (fragrant and sweeter), and has a more chewy texture. The homemade buns are in limited supply, so be sure to ask the clerk before ordering!

The Avocado Burger with Prosciutto Ham



The Great Burger's hamburgers are seasoned with lettuce, diced onions, relish, mustard and mayo. This hamburger is a must if you want some refreshing feel in your hamburger, this is the one.

The "Plain" Burger with real homemade buns.



The homemade buns are darker in appearance, but don't let that appearance fool you. As someone said, "Appearances can be deceiving", you will find this hamburger to be much richer in taste compared to hamburgers with normal buns. Because of this unique character of the homemade buns, it is only available to selected simple-tasting hamburgers.

The awesome looking "Gorgonzola Burger"


Just look at the melting cheese... No more questions just dig into it.

If you just want the meat, here's the "Cheeseburger" with vegetables on the side.



For the people who want to dig into the meatiness and does not want to be interrupted by thee vegetables, you can order them on the side. You can eat the vegetables as a salad first, and dig into the hamburger. Just look at this red-ripe tomato! It is too good to pass up eating. Also, I found the relish to be adequately spicy and very satisfying.

Official Homepage: http://www.the-great-burger.com
Business Hours: 11:30am - 23:00pm
                      (Last Order: 22:30pm)
Address: 6-12-7, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan


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